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Teens Talk Living Life Online for Digital Citizenship Day


Photo: (Common Sense Media)

Last month, MTV’s own Sway Calloway moderated a town hall with Common Sense Media as part of their New York Digital Citizenship Day. Sway spoke with a group of young people about how they live life online and the trials and tribulations that they face, as well as the things they just can’t live without. Social media was a major part of the conversation, with one teen saying that “I don’t really know anyone whose life and work ethic would be improved if they eliminated Facebook, but it is my means of communication, it’s how I talk to people.”

Check out clips from “Facebook Me: The Play” and a conversation led by Sway on digital life below, and head over to Common Sense Media’s video page for more exclusive content from the town hall.  


Teens Talk about Digital Life at Common Sense Media-MTV Town Hall, October 2012 from Common Sense Media on Vimeo.