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5 Text Messages You Probz Shouldn't Send + 1 You Def Should

Photo: (Getty, MTV Act)

"Restore The Shore" -- MTV’s live benefit to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy -- airs this Thursday at 11pm/10c, but if you’re antsy to help out, you can start texting SHORE to 85944 to make a $10 donation now. We often text for fun, out of boredom, or to break up with Taylor Swift (*ahem* Joe Jonas), but it’s not often that we get to text to save homes and lives. Here are a few common texts, and why we think you should ditch ‘em for a day to make a difference!

+ The drunk text            

Texting SHORE to 85944 will give you less of a guilty hangover than texting “iiii stlil lvoe uuu” to your ex, or “sexxxytimez?” to your neighbor, or the raunchy text that was meant for your neighbor to your mother. “Mum” and “Matt” are right next to each other in my phone’s contact list, my mum received some prettttty interesting messages from me last Friday night…

+ The Sext

In the minutes it takes to send an awkwardly positioned photo of your naked bod to somebody you hardly know, you could help rebuild the homes and lives of those most affected by Hurricane Sandy. Your abs and your iPhone 5’s HD front-facing camera ain’t goin’ anywhere, but the Shore needs your help right now! While not as severe as a hurricane, the consequences of sexting the wrong person can be extremely devastating.

+ The Angry Text

You know -- the texts you wish you’d never sent. You read them back and realize what a jerk you are, or at least what a jerk you might seem like. Take a deep breath, delete that angry rant, and do something positive for people who really need it!

+ The “I Miss You” Text

Before you send that “I miss you” text, then wait hours for a response that you’ll never receive, spiraling you into a bottomless pit of tears and ice cream, leaving you feeling lonely the next morning, think about all of the good feelings that’ll come out of texting for hurricane relief.

+ The Pointless Text

95% of all text messages are pointless. (And 95% of the facts I make up are fake...)  But seriously guys, instead of taking the time to tell your BFF you’re bored, or Tweet a picture of your cheeseburger (like nobody's ever seen one of those before!), why take the time to do something meaningful? If you can, text SHORE to 85944 to make a $10 donation right now.

Join MTV, the cast of "Jersey Shore," and celebrity guests for a Hurricane Sandy relief fundraiser, "Restore The Shore," on Thursday, November 15 at 11pm/10c on-air and online.