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5 Ways Ellen Degeneres Has Stood Up For All Of Us

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Bic recently released "For Her" pens, which stirred up a controversy, with many people calling them demeaning to women. Dancing queen Ellen Degeneres was one person offended, but she used her platform to talk about it in a creative (and even hilar) way. We take a look at this and other ways Ellen RECOGNIZES. Or, in other words, stands up for what she believes in.

+Ellen Stands Up For The Ladies

A lot of us use pens every day, so it came as something of a shock when half of us learned we were apparently using them wrong. Check out this four minute commentary from Ellen and try not to laugh. "Can you believe this?" Ellen jokes. "We've been using man pens all these years. Yeeck."

+Watch Ellen on Bic Pens For Women.


+Ellen Stands Up For LGBT Youth

But that’s def. not the only time she’s stood up for something in her own Ellen way. Check out this video, where Ellen, who’s a major supporter of LGBT rights, talks to 18-year-old Ryan Andresen, a Boy Scout who was denied the Eagle Scout award for being gay and has faced bullying. After he talks about making a Tolerance Wall for his middle school, Ellen says, "Good for you, good for all. All middle schools should have a tolerance wall." Who could argue that?

+Watch Ellen on a Boy Scout without a badge.

+Ellen Stands Up For Her Audience

In this next vid, people in the audience get to ask Ellen questions. We all learn she wants to start a rescue organization for animals, and she also talks about how she stays so positive. Her answer is a tear-jerker! We're all inspired by Ellen, but she's also inspired by people beating the odds, like Nell from her audience, who suffers from ALS.

+Watch Ellen answers audience questions.


+Ellen Stands Up For Her Mom

Ellen loves her mama, and she gives the senior Degeneres a great shoutout and congratulates her on winning the ACLU Vern Bullough LGBT Ally Award. "You taught me at an early age to accept people and love everyone," Ellen says. "When I told you I was gay, you reacted in a way that every kid would want their parents to react like." Guess we know where Ellen learned to be so awesome!

+Watch Ellen salutes her mother.

+Ellen Stands Up For Bullied Youth

Ellen’s known for her laugh-out-loud comedy, but she also can be very serious when she needs to be. Take a look at her message about bullying, where you can see her get choked up when she acknowledges she knows what it feels like to be alone. Ellen recorded this after teen Tyler Clementi committed suicide following anti-gay bullying. "Being a teenager and figuring out who you are is hard enough without someone attacking you," she says.

+Watch an important message from Ellen about bullying.


So there you have it! Five ways Ellen has stood up to each and every one of us from ladies to bullied teens. With all the issues she stands for and brings awareness to perhaps she'll run for prez?! We'd def. vote for her come 2016!