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All New 'It Gets Better' Special Tonight Follows Gay Youth's Brave Coming Out

Photo: (MTV)

It all started with a YouTube video on September 21, 2010 -- Dan Savage and his partner, Terry, shared a message with bullied youth with a simple message: it gets better. Videos from Barack Obama to Lady Gaga followed, as did an hour-long MTV special this February that earned an Emmy nomination. Tonight at 11/10c on MTV and Logo, an all new "It Gets Better" special follows Hunter, Natalie, and Vecente as they each take steps forward in their coming out process.

Hunter is starting his first year of college and recently came out to his family; he feels his dad -- a 6'4" cop who hunts and rides motorcycles -- belittles his sexuality.

Natalie is a college sophomore who at one point felt so less than and belittled because of her sexuality that she ended up in the hospital. She plans a trip home to courageously come out to her family, a trip that usually involved prettying up with her already-suspecting mom.

Vecente is a 21-year-old hip-hop lyricist who has yet to come out to his best friend he's known since childhood, Taylor. But he's also juggling a serious relationship with Trey. He sets out to introduce Taylor to Trey, so that he is able to openly live his life around the two closest people in his life.

Will Hunter's dad come around to feeling proud and supportive of his son before dropping him off at school? Are Natalie and her mom able to still have mother-daughter time? And will Taylor and Trey finally meet each other? Watch the trailer and take action below, and don't forget to tune in tonight at 11/10c on MTV and Logo to watch their brave and courageous journeys unfold. If the first special is any indication, things will def get better!

+ Watch the "It Gets Better" trailer