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National Bullying Prevention Month Begins Now


Photo: (Getty Images)

Pop quiz: what important cause does October mark? If you guessed the fight against bullying, you’re right. Just one month after school starts up again, National Bullying Prevention Month serves as a reminder to take the time to be considerate and kind to your classmates and friends. This year, how will you take a stand as part of National Bullying Prevention Month? Check out our ideas below! And once you’re done, join tens of thousands of young people worldwide who have taken a stand against bullying by posting your action to Draw Your Line.

+ Lend a helping hand to people like you struggling with bullying. If you see a friend, classmate, or even just an acquaintance being bullied online or offline, help them out by intervening or even just being there for them when they want to talk. You can also head to Over the Line?, our story-sharing app, where you can share your own story about cyberbullying or sexting as well as give advice to other young people dealing with digital abuse.

+ Stand up for your digital rights. What rights do you think you and your friends are entitled to online? Share the rights that you think you deserve at the Digital Rights Project, and read up on the rights that other young people like you have posted.

+ Get ready for Digital Citizenship Day. A THIN LINE is partnering with Common Sense Media on their New York Digital Citizenship Day tomorrow. If you’re in New York, register to join us at a Town Hall featuring Sway, where we’ll be talking about growing up online and showcasing some teen performances. Not in New York? Check back later this week for a video showing the highlights of the event!