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Sweet Tweet: Keke Palmer Wants to Empower Young Women Through Shoes

Photo: (Getty)

Keke Palmer knows a way you can strut your stuff in new shoes AND combat bullying. She and T.I. work closely with Saving Our Daughters, a really awesome org that empowers teen girls to end bullying in and out of school and she knows a unique win-win situation where you can help out.

The singer, actress and philanthropist Tweeted:

It’s a small celebrity world here: ShoeDazzle was founded by the super stylish (Thanks Kanye!) Kim Kardashian.  And guess what? NeNe Leakes from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” created this particular shoe. And Keke’s got her info right -- ALL proceeds will go to Saving Our Daughters.

Saving Our Daughters works to help teenage girls in different ways, including the fight against bullying. Whether it’s cyber bullying or bullying that goes on right in your face, it hurts. It also fights against things like dating abuse, hate crimes, and well, anything that can bring a young woman’s self-esteem down. Keke told us before that SOD is close to her heart because she’s personally experienced bullying. WHUT, really? But it’s true: “From kindergarten to the third grade, I was bullied because I was different from other kids.”

But if you think just women are getting involved with Saving Our Daughters, think again. How about T.I., everyone? He’s such a big supporter he’s made an anti-bullying video, and obvi Keke gave him a shoutout in her Tweet. Even if you don’t personally buy the shoes, you can still roll up your sleeves and get involved with helping teen girls. Just follow Saving Our Daughters' lead!