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A Platform for Good Launches!


Photo: (Getty Images)

Digital drama’s no joke. It impacts over half of young people ages 14-24, and can cause real pain. You don’t need to sit idly by while you or your friends experience digital abuse, though – there are a number of tools and strategies you can use to make sure that digital drama doesn’t take over your life. This week, the Family Online Safety Institute launched A Platform for Good, a website that provides resources for teens like you, as well as your parents and teachers.

On A Platform for Good, there are a whole bunch of different ways that you can learn more and take action on the issue of digital abuse. You can read about how to cope with digital abuse from people like Benni Cinkle, “that girl in pink,” on the blog; find resources on everything from how to be a respectful community member of Facebook and Twitter to information on digital citizenship; and even enter a contest to win an XBox Kinect by letting them know what you wish your parents knew about technology!

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