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Watch Bullied 'X-Factor' Contestant Bring Demi Lovato, Britney Spears To Tears

Photo: (FOX Broadcasting)

While most of America was tuned in to watch "Beautiful" powerhouse vocalist Christina Aguilera on "The Voice," it was a beautifully inspiring and phenomenally moving "X-Factor" performance from bullied teen Jillian Jensen that moved America (including superstar judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato) to tears. And it still gots us ugly crying inspired!

A clear stand out after the first episode, Jillian got on stage and professed her love for Demi before revealing that they share the same "stay strong" tattoo inspired by some of the same troubling experiences growing up. Constantly bullied as a child, Jillian has fought through hard times with music and performance -- like Demi.

WATCH: Jillian Jensen performs Jessie J's "Who Are Are" on The X-Factor

Just last week, Demi Lovato picked up her first ever MTV Video Music Award (Best Video with a Message) for "Skyscrapper," her first song after spending time in rehab and building herself back up after hitting the lowest point in her young career. She was very public about her experience. She opened up about rehab in an MTV special, "Stay Strong," teamed with Love Is Louder, and even criticized the media for sending young girls and boys damaging messages about body image. Jillian Jensen is just one of the manyyyyy young people all over the world who Demi touched in a big way.

And just like that, with one performance, Jillian sent a strong message to youth watching. Kind of like, oh I dunno, Demi Lovato?

Jillian being Demi:

And, Demi being Demi:

If the Jillian's opening montage didn't make you cry, or Jillian's performance didn't make you cry, or watching Simon Cowell cry didn't make you cry, or Demi hugging her didn't make you cry, then gurl, I've got no comment. (EVEN SIMON COWELL CRIED, THOUGH.)