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Olympic Sexting? Gymnast Danell Leyva's Sexting Mishap + Facts You Need To Know

Photo: (Getty Images)

It’s no secret that male gymnasts have hot bods, but the world recently got to see a liiiitle more of U.S. Olympic team member and bronze medalist in the men's gymnastics individual all-around Danell Leyva than he probably intended.

Monday afternoon, a lady friend of Danell’s leaked a number of semi-scandalous pics of him onto the Internet, apparently because he didn’t hold up his end of their sexting bargain. An eye for an eye, a butt cheek for a butt cheek…or something like that. Here are a few facts about sexting, courtesy of A Thin Line:

+ More than 50% of those who share a sext share it with multiple people.

A sext is not like a one of a kind Picasso painting. A painting can only be posted on one wall, but a single sext can be on tons of ‘em. Facebook walls, that is. There’s no way to know for sure if you’re the only one on someone’s sexting roster, but chances are you're not the first to get the photo. And for each time it's shared, it's another channel for it to get out. Eeesh!

+ Nearly 1 in 5 sext recipients have passed the sext along to someone else.

Those pictures of your bod may be so hot that your friends will wanna pass them along to their friends. Of those friends, 1 in 5 will pass ‘em along to their friends. And of those friends, 1 in 5…you get the point. Pretty soon, everyone you know could be calling you names, or something else your mama definitely didn’t name ya.

+ 61% of those who sext have felt pressured to do so at least once.

Don’t send a text just because you feel like you have to do it to please or to keep somebody…or even just for personal validation. Anyone who truly loves you won’t love you more or less based upon your naked self-portrait taking abilities, or perfect choice of Instagram filters to make your abs look more defined (the X-pro II filter, for the record). Oh iPhone front-facing cam. You will be the death of so many future Presidential hopefuls.

For more facts and ways to protect yourself against digital abuse, take action with A Thin Line below!