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California Students (And Ellen DeGeneres' Mom) Come Together For Seth's Law

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A HUGE congrats is in order for a group of Orange County students, as well as Betty DeGeneres! (Yup, Ellen's mom!) These smart young students have sparked a very inspiring movement in California by pushing for implementation of anti-bullying policies. We are excited to see that as of July 1, schools all across California will now be required to enact these policies that these fine young students have advocated for! *Crowd Cheers*

The passion behind these students was first sparked back on April 3. Meet Kearian Giertz, then a senior at Fullerton Union High in Fullerton California. In an annual Mr. Fullerton Pageant he was asked where he sees himself in 10 years. As an honest and astute man, he answered by saying he hopes he will be able to marry the man of his dreams. Legit and brave right? Well, Kearian was then disqualified.

After the disqualification, Kearian's classmates banded together to create change! Students Blake Danford and Katy Hall began letter writing and envisioning what they felt needed to be done. Their letter asked that California schools proactively support and protect LGBT students. And guess who signed the letter? People like Betty DeGeneres, Perez Hilton and Dianna Agron. NBD.

With much hard work the students' hard work became a success and Seth's Law and AB1156 (another anti-bullying law) became a reality. The anti-bullying measure is named after Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old boy who took his life away after being bullied. Seth's mom, Wendy has been a big force behind the new anti-bullying laws in California schools.

Without further ado we have the PSA that was created by the students and featuring Ellen's lovely mother! We love seeing inspiring stories like this. Way to go to all who helped make this happen! P.S. how precious is Ellen's mom!? What a sweetie!