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Lady Gaga Launches Social Network Promoting Art, Acceptance & Monsterhood

Photo: (Getty)

Listen up Little Monsters, Lady Gaga has officially launched her long awaited social network, titled none other than Little Monsters! Paws up and log on! *Turns up my Gaga tunes*

Little Monsters, which had previously been in a beta phase, is place for dedicated for fans to come to express themselves and build a community full of acceptance and individuality! The site reminds me a bit of Pinterest with a hint of Tumblr and other social media sites. I think what Gaga is doing with her platform is quite revolutionary and going to help inspire so many across the world to embrace their identity. Amiright?

On the site, fans can stay up to date on Gaga's latest news and even post photos, like the ones below. There are also forums for others to come together to discuss important topics like bullying. With so many bullied across America and the world, a site like this will be very beneficial to help those out there. Go Gaga!

Photo: Two photos posted to Gaga's social network. (Monster Cedric, left, and Stop Hatred, right.)

Recently Mother Monster debuted a new song, "Princess Die," during a performance in Australia. Although a bit different from her other songs, she is a lyrical genius and slays it! I can't wait to see what Gaga does next. For now, put your paws up and dance on over to her new site!