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[INTERVIEW] Keke Palmer On Bullying, Being Confident & Bieber (Plus, Win A Signed Shirt!)

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T.I. isn't the only one we interviewed about his work with anti-bullying organization Saving Our Daughters -- we also caught up with 18-year-old actress-singer-sweetheart Keke Palmer. And you've got a chance at some Saving Our Daughters swag signed by one of the two!

Keke, who starred in Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson, VP,” and will be the voice of Peaches in the upcoming movie “Ice Age: Continental Drift” (in theaters Friday!) has experienced bullying first-hand, and has a lot to say to both those being bullied and those doing the bullying.

Saving Our Daughters is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower girls against cyber, gossip, and face-to-face bullying. Keke chose to work with the organization because she was, and still is, bullied herself. “From kindergarten to the third grade, I was bullied because I was different from other kids,” Keke said, referring to the fact that she was often made fun of her curly hair.

More recently, Keke tweeted that she liked Justin Bieber…which apparently a slew of Bieber fans didn’t like. They responded by tweeting her death threats!  “If I wasn’t me and wasn’t confident in myself, those tweets would have really hurt me,” Keke told us. Preeeetty sure Bieber’s fans are just jealous of the fact Keke was once this close to his signature bangs (R.I.P.). Tell us, Keke, did time slow down every time he did THE hair flip?

When asked why bullies do what they do, Keke responded simply, “When people don’t understand stuff, they attack it.” It’s easy to hurt other’s feelings, and Keke thinks that we “really need to be careful about what we do and say to people…because they may never forget it.”

Much like Emma Stone said during her brilliant MTV Trailblazer Award acceptance speech, Keke understands that what makes us different may, at times, make us feel alienated, but it is also what makes us special. She hopes that by joining forces with Saving Our Daughters and sharing her personal bullying stories with the world, others being bullied won’t feel so helpless and alone. “I just want to help people who feel like they don’t have anybody. I want them to know that they’re not alone, and there’s someone out there who believes in them.”

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