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[VIDEO] T.I. Talks Bullying, Beefs And Saving Our Daughters (Plus, Win A Signed Shirt!)

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When T.I. says he's hustlin', he’s not messing around. The self-proclaimed “King of the South” is a one-man media empire -- rapper/actor/CEO/author/reality TV star/entrepreneur/family man -- AND homey still has time to run a serious activist game.

When we heard ATL’s VIP was dropping by MTV HQ, we just had to stalk him for some on-camera QT. Sure, we could listen to his smooth Georgia twang read the dang phone book -- but luckily T.I. was more than happy to answer our questions about his work with Saving Our Daughters, epic new album and life as one of the most popular guys in Hip Hop High. (Don’t go stealing our new series idea!)

First up, here’s T.I. waxing lyrical about why he works with the Saving Our Daughters, a group that empowers teen girls to end bullying in and out of school:

He got deep! Clearly, T.I. loves the ladies -- did you catch his cameo on “Single Ladies?” Take us to the river, baby! -- but one woman rules his roost…and boosts his ratings. His pint-sized co-star in their adorbs reality series “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” def keeps her hubby on his “Tip”-py toes, but they both work hard to make sure their six kids stay cool and grounded despite that superstar fam status.  This hip-hop pop is all about teaching his little ones to live their lives and brush them haters off:

Hotlanta’s finest has had his fair share of public feuds -- and even catfights -- so he’s def learned the hard way and that’s why his wise words are extra meaningful. Man, this guy should write a book! Oh wait. He did. Anywho, when we asked if high-profile rapper beefs are a form of bullying, the music mogul broke down the difference for us in true T.I. fashion:

T.I. certainly isn’t sweating the small stuff since he’s been hella focused on creating a crap-ton of material for his new album Trouble Man. We thought writing 30 or 40 songs was pretty amazeballs, but that’s how many he narrowed it down to -- Mr. Productive was quick to correct us with the actual stats on his latest studio effort:

116! And he was spittin’ those lyrics out while landing a recurring role on Starz's “Boss," signing up-and-comer Iggy Azalea to his Grand Hustle Records and basically being a BET badass. If you're not inspired to step up your game and take Action below just like this multi-tasking MC, then you can't possibly love this life!

Head over to A Thin Line's Twitter page (@a_thin_line), or take action below, for your chance to win a Saving Our Daughters shirt signed by T.I. or Keke Palmer! (Rules)