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[VIDEO] Nev + Max Talk About 'Catfish' + Online Dating

Photo: (MTV)

Are you obsessed with "Catfish" as much as I am? MTV's new TV show is all about falling in love with someone online and upon meeting them IRL, they're a completely different person.

The show's host, the ridiculously cute Nev Schulman (who fell for a Catfish in the past) and his filmmaker friend Max meet people who can't wait to meet their online loves, offline, and film what happens next. There's been many disappointments but also some touching love stories too like last night's episode with Kya and Alyx. I don't want to give too much away about this particular episode but it shows that you can find love online, even on a site called!

The show is fascinating and if you've seen it before, I KNOW your stomach drops at the scene in every episode when the two crazy-in-love kids finally meet in person. Is the person EXACTLY who they are online? Most likely not so drama ensues. It hits home for many of us too. I met my first boyfriend in a chat room and we dated for three and half years. And I've been on plenty of disappointing dates from meeting guys online but nothing of "Catfish" caliber.

We recently sat down with Nev and Max and they shared their online dating advice which Nev believes isn't that different from dating IRL. See what the boys have to say below.

+Watch Nev and Max share online dating tips.

In this clip, we asked the guys how the show is different from the film "Catfish," which is about Nev's experience with falling in love online.

+Watch Nev + Max explain how "Catfish:The TV Show" is different than the movie.

The show isn't back on again until January 7, bummer jam, I know! We hope you liked the clips above though and hey, there are always reruns! And if you ever have felt disappointment online, whether it's from meeting a catfish or going through online bullying, please take action below with A Thin Line, a campaign which empowers you to draw your own line between digital use and digital abuse.