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Sweet Tweet: Fight Cyberbullying + Get Free Pete Wentz-Designed Swag

Photo: (Getty)

It’s time to sing “Happy Birthday” to A THIN LINE, the MTV campaign that empowers young people to fight digital abuse! A THIN LINE just turned three-years-old, and Pete Wentz wants you to get involved and get yer free gear.

The Black Cards bassist Tweeted:

His link has the deets: the first 5,000 people who sign up for the Digital Rights Project get A THIN LINE x Jac Vanek x Pete Wentz gear. If you’re one of the lucky 5,000, you’ll get a promo code and use that to receive your Pete-designed bracelet.

And if you’ve already got a bracelet, you can rock it like Pete and send pics to @a_thin_line on Twitter or post it on A THIN LINE’s FB wall. And after you’ve gotten your gear and been able to show it off, we totally hope you’ll help out with the fight against digital abuse. In other words, we want you to help DRAW THE LINE for when something said online goes too far. We want you to STAND up when you see someone crossing the line. And we want you to CONNECT with others if you feel attacked online and you need support.

In the three years A THIN LINE has been around, more than a million and a half young people have gotten involved to say that cyberbullying, sexting and digital dating abuse are so not cool. So take a stand with your awesome new bracelet by getting involved with the campaign to make digital abuse go bye-bye.